Onlion Entertainment

Posted on 15 Okt 2015 by cpt

Its Great designed this logo for the film production company ONLION ENTERTAINMENT.


Posted on 01 Mai 2015 by cpt

King Kong in the house: Welcome to Jamrock – beach café! Poster art work by It’s Great!

Frietjes Speciaal

Posted on 02 Mär 2015 by cpt

logo design, signboards, menue and other applications for Frietjes Speciaal – De lekkerste van Holland

Sara Lugo feat. Protoje

Posted on 30 Jan 2015 by cpt

Check this out! Sara Lugo is kicking it off together with Protoje in this video by Oneness Records! I really like it… sounds like the song for the next summer blaze! enjoy!


Posted on 02 Okt 2014 by cpt

Finally all the merchandise items like posters, stickers and t-shirts for Reggae artist Sara Lugo arrived … just in time for the release of her upcomming album HIT ME WITH MUSIC on Oneness Records (big tunes!). Guess who did the artwork?

   | PIC |   


Posted on 13 Aug 2014 by cpt

Design for the 2014 collection of Himmel Arsch & Zwirn: Cockfight embroidery on classical bavarian leather pants.

   | PIC |   

Balok People

Posted on 12 Apr 2014 by cpt

T-Shirt Design for Ras Wira’s Reggae Massive Balok People
Malaysia, 2014

Big Brother LOGO

Posted on 01 Apr 2014 by cpt

It’s Great illustrated the logo artwork for the Big Brother Dive Center, Malaysia.

Mediakraft goes for gold

Posted on 17 Okt 2013 by cpt

For the Mediakraft studios interior It’s Great! handcrafted those golden discs. Almost looks like real ;)

Lost in space

Posted on 05 Okt 2013 by cpt

Together with master Kraeftner It’s Great! realized that spaceship cockpit as part of a Mediakraft production setup… No further details can be told!

   | PIC |   

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