interview with Nic von Rupp, photo by Carlos Pinto.

the old, the young & the sea. More about the roadtrip of two austrian guys here: Photos by Stefan Leitner.

opening page west africa special, photo by Peter Wyss

photofolio by Jason Murray

Interview with Nathan Flectcher. Wipeout shot by Brian Bielman.

»deeds not words« Steve Gee art feature

unreal lookin’ spray, Paul Morgan in Supers, photo by Rodd Owen

Graig Anderson, photo by Chris Burkard, backside tubestance by Tom Carey.

blueducts double page spread

photostory - Chile - by Chris Burkard

rumors , myths, lies: banditos, ballenas and buena onda. illustration by Andreas Klammt.

old school vs new school, Christian Fletcher and John John Florence

Matt Beard, callifornia surf art

wreck surfing in Padang Padang photographed by Chris Burkhard

Blue - Surf & Travel Yearbook

Blue, the first German Surf magazine is published since May 2000 and has changed to a yearbook format in summer 2005. BLUE gained the position of market leader in Germany and is one of the biggest surf publications in Europe. The success factor of the project is the cooperation of international authors and an existing premier network of well known photographers.

Thomas Groeger, Berni Valenta



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