blue - 2010 surf & travel yearbook - two alternative covers

photostory - Chile - by Chris Burkard

Puerto Rico's 60ies surf legends

island special - canaries - tough locals

Modern Collective - typedesign, layout

Nathan Lwarence, portfolio

Kim Bradley, photographed by Nate Lawrence

portfolio by Nathan Lawrence

George Bates - brooklyn surf artist

Shaun Stüssy - photographed by Chris Orwig

Blue - Surf & Travel Yearbook 2010

The 2010 Annual for the Surf Traveler: The 10th anniversary issue featuring Island Special with stories out of Fernando de Noronha, Canaries and Kauaii. 

BLUE, the first German Surf and Travel Magazine was first published in May 2000 and has changed into a yearbook format in summer 2005. BLUE gained the position of market leader in Germany and is one of the biggest surf publications in Europe.
The cooperation of international authors and an existing premier network of well-known photographers have always been factor of success for this project.

Thomas Groeger, Berni Valenta



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