blue 2012 cover, german rider Nico v. Rupp charging Teahupo’o at perfect condition by Tim McKenna.

editorial, spread, nice air by Christobal de Col, photographed by photobrent/spl.

Graig Anderson, photo by Chris Burkard, backside tubestance by Tom Carey.

Interview with Nathan Flectcher. Wipeout shot by Brian Bielman.

»deeds not words« Steve Gee art feature

Tech Talk: Campbell Brothers on mission Bonzer.

nothreport 2012: sweden, denmark, sylt & netherlands. photo by Tim Wendrich.

surf city Santa Cruz, the history.

Mexico roadtrip, doublepage spread. Photos by Chris Burkard.

Viva Zapatistas! Subcommandante Marcos by Susana Gonzalez / Getty Images.

rumors , myths, lies: banditos, ballenas and buena onda. illustration by Andreas Klammt.

mara por vida, mara salvatrucha in mexico. photo takeout from the movie »sin nombre« by prokino.

Six in the Mix, contest on six different board shapes. Photos by Ditten Mach.

Blue - Surf & Travel Yearbook 2012

The 2012 surf annual in German language – Mexico Special with baja, mainland, magic mushrooms, banditos and heroes. Interview with Nathan Fletcher, tech talk: Mission Bonzer. Surf city Santa Cruz. and many more…

Thomas Groeger, Berni Valenta



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