Rasta, photo by D. Hump. Unknown parking lot queen, photo by Tungsten.

Portugal special, doublepage spread of coxos. Photos by Carlos Pinto.

Portugal special. Zé Ferreira in Lisboa, photo by Ricardo Bravo

skeleton bay in Namibia, Craig Anderson rode in that tube for about two kilometers! Photo by Alan van Gysen.

interview with Nic von Rupp, photo by Carlos Pinto.

the old, the young & the sea. More about the roadtrip of two austrian guys here: www.oldyoungsea.com. Photos by Stefan Leitner.

nothreport 2013: opening doublespread. the netherlands, sweden, baltic sea netherlands and denmark. Photo by Ray Max.

nothreport 2013, doublespread.

»born at the sea, die at the sea« Daniela Garreton art feature.

photofolio by Zak Noyle. Series of photos shot with iPhone 4s.

the search, lonely beach in Kamtschatka, photo by Chris Burkard

Blue - Surf & Travel Yearbook 2013

The 2013 surf annual in German language – Portugal Special. Interview with Nic von Rupp, George Greenhough, Skeleton Bay (namibia), photofolio: Zak Boyle and many more…

Thomas Groeger, Berni Valenta



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