various covers of Carhartt’s Brand book

panorama picture - London August 2011, raiding the carhartt store Hackney

work & play - essential kit and gear

a feature on Carhartts history of camouflage patterns

MOS DEF feature, opening pages, photography by Stephanie Solinas

vintage signs, 1900-1940

product double page spread, photography by Nicola Roman Walbeck

opening page of the history series #6, 80ies - 90ies, illustration by thomas groeger

double page spread of products fall/winter 2011, photography by Nicola Roman Walbeck

je suis venue te dire que je m'en vais, womens shooting by Stephanie Solinas

the forms of rest by Raphael Zarka

drawn to life, carhartt's illustrated ad campaigns through the years, Evan Hecox 1999

History - The Detroit Jacket

japanese painter Tomokazu Matsuyama's painter pants

product double page spread

Carhartt Brand Book

The Brand Book is published every season, presenting the recent collection, collaborations, new Carhartt shops, as well as current events and activities within the Carhartt network.

For the Carhartt connoisseur and fan, the brandbook documents and reflects Carhartt’s development and progression over the past few years and gives deep insight to the brand’s current state of mind.
And for those, who aren’t too familiar with Carhartt yet, but would like to know more, it offers a vast pool of information, including the latest news, the stories behind the brand, current projects and, of course, the latest collection!

Thomas Groeger, Berni Valenta

Carhartt / WorkInProgress


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