Cover of the Carhartt Brandbook first issue - grey heather sweat pant flavour - embossed logo

inked illustration for carhartt history series

History of the Carhartt Brand Part 1- illustration of the opening page

History - the classic Carhartt BiB overall

Phil Zwijsen - feature about a Carhartt team rider

Gotham Celebs - fashion editorial by Alessandro ZUEK Simonetti

Koolfunc'88 - artist and illustrator feature

Carhartt Collectibles - Die Cast Metal Cars

KRINK X CARHARTT Collaboration - photography by Alessandro ZUEK Simonetti

Mark Chiarello - illustration campaign for Carhartt in spring/summer 2009

Gadgets & Must Haves - photography by Fotoschiko

Carhartt Brand Book 1

Introduces the history of the Carhartt brand, features new Spring/Summer 2009 styles, as well as the present advertising campaign and its creator Mark Chiarello. Also, French artist Kool Func’88, one of the artists the brand works with, talks about his work. The Brand Book will from now on be published every season, presenting collaborations, new Carhartt shops, as well as current events and activities within the Carhartt network.

Thomas Groeger

Carhartt /WorkInProgress


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