Courtney John "Strangers" illustrated cover artwork by Thomas Groeger

album artwork, typedesign illustration by Thomas Groeger

GEE character illustrated logo

GEE Recordings

Gee Recordings was founded by Guillaume GEE Metenier (organist, keyboard player, producer, arranger, musician) mixing psychedelic soul jazz funk and early reggae, he collaborates with an all star cast of musician from Paris and all over the world.
Traveling the world with his mentor Dr Lonnie Smith, Gee stopped by Kingston last year and developed a close collaboration with Jamaican singers such as Courtney John and Leonardo Carmichael. Recorded in various locations in Paris and at 7 Long Lane Studios, Kingston Jamaica, dubbed by Dennis Bovell at Boogie Back studios in London, the whole collection of singles simply rocks. Highest level of cool for impeccable taste. Grab it and chill!

Thomas Groeger

GEE Recordings


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