covers, Juice, 2001 feat. Curse, KRS One, Pharoahe Monch, Tupac

close up, join the juice crew, Juice#30

Trans Europa Express, cover story, Juice#33, RZA, Europe and the mindstate of HipHop, illustrated by Specter

Duster climbs through the subway cars, photographed by Matha Cooper, Juice#37

Marius No.1, photographed by Stefan Fischer, Juice#30

Ghetto superstar Fabolous, photographed by Berry Behrendt, Juice#37

basketball in front of the infamous wildstyle mural, photographed by Matha Cooper, Juice#33

Sékou, the ambassador, photographed by Tibor Bozi, Juice#30

Last Emperor, the great pretender, photographed by Dominik Gigler, Juice#35

Cappadonna, photographed by Tibor Bozi, Juice#31

world war III wholecar by Sonic-BadINC, standing in the yard, photographed by Martha Cooper, Juice#32

Meli, photographed by Flo Maucher, Juice#33

layout detail, Ramm:ell:zee, photographed by George Dubose, typedesign by Berni Valenta, Juice

Roots Manuva, photographed by Maak Roberts, Juice#34

Tupac Shakur rap doller, coverstory, double page spread, illustrated by Won ABC, Juice#36

At the writers bench, photographed by Martha Cooper, Juice#36

layout detail, masters on broadway, photographed by Christian Boehm, Juice#37

DJ Krush, photographed by Tibor Bozi, Juice#33

Out2Bomb with Gawky FBI, fashion editorial photographed by Christian dammert, Juice#32

content page, illustrated by Weeh78, Juice#36

Square One (R.I.P. Ali), photograohed by Christian Boehm, typedesign and spelling mistake by Berni Valenta, Juice#33

Close up on Mear one, graffiti feature, Juice#30

JUICE 2001

Famous German hip-hop magazine JUICE has been the biggest publication of its kind in Europe and till today still is. It’s Great’s Thomas Groeger realized the layout and art direction of more than 125 issues including several redesigns, special issues and additional projects for piranha media GmbH from 1997 till 2009.

Thomas Groeger

piranha media GmbH


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