covers, JUICE, 2002, feat. Fat Joe, Def Jux, Mobb Deep, Eminem, Xzibit and Jay-Z

Eminopoly, Eminem cover story, illustrated by Flying Fortress, Juice #43

Jazzy Jeff, photographed by Calina Zadravetz, Juice #39, Old School Special

Biz Markie, the weekend warior, Old School Special, layout and typedesign by Thomas Groeger

Blast from the past, fashion editorial, photography by Martha Cooper, Juice #44

Cutmaster GB, Bomber and Rick Ski photographed by Flo Maucher, Juice #39, Old School Special

G.Dep, illustrated by Thomas Groeger or Berni Valenta

Jacob the jeweler aka the iceman, nyc, photographed by Tibor Bozi, Juice #41

Juice #42 content page, illustrated by Flying Fortress

upside down, Total Chaos, austrian rap group, photographed by

fashion editorial photographed by Tanja Mai (R.I.P.)

nice "Kist & Duro - Happy New Year" passing through, photographed by Matha Cooper, Juice #39

dealers, the best shops in NYC and germany, Juice #44, style issue

Beats und Business, background story about the german HipHop scene in 2002, illustrated by Specter

Erick Sermon, the green eyed bandit again, Juice #38

Nelly, new dallas, double page spread, Juice #45

Jay-O, the originator, photographed by Berry Behrendt, typedesign by Berni Valenta

Jay-O, the originator, photographed by Berry Behrendt, stunt by Berni Valenta

Nas, photographed by Aley Tehrani, Juice #43

HipHop meets Star Wars, illustration by Flying Fortress, Juice #48

content page, illustrated by Kiam77, Juice #38

Five Deez, typedesign by Berni Valenta, Juice #38

Zombie Love - continuative story by WonABC

cover detail, Jay-Z, illustrated by Thomas Groeger, Juice #48

flashback 2001, illustrated by Specter; Juice #38

100 best rap albums, #57 Ice-T's Power…damn, he just looks like SonicTSR in his best days, Juice #40

tunrtableism is an art, scratch lovely

Crazy Legs, Old School Special, typedesign by Berni Valenta, Juice #39

D-Flame, photos by Tobias Indermühle, Juice #48

JUICE 2002

Well-known German hiphop magazine JUICE has been the biggest publication of its kind in Europe. Layout and artdirection of over 125 issues including several redesigns, special issues and additional projects by IT’S GREAT for piranha media GmbH, 1997-2009.

Thomas Groeger

piranha media GmbH


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