diverse cover artworks for JUICE, 2004

Mase, photo by Ernie Paniccioli, type design by Thomas Groeger

Ram: Ell: Zee:, photo by George DuBose

Ladies Love Cool James, LL Cool J, photo by Alescha Birkenholz

more old school flics by George DuBose

CD supplement page, illustrated by french artist Alex One

Dizzee Rascal, typedesign by Berni Valenta, photo by Tina Wunsch

Rakim, artdirection by Thomas Groeger, photo by Steven Dewall, typedesign by Berni Valenta

Rap’s finest Cover versions, a portfolio by photographer George DuBose

N.O.R.E. from CNN: double page spread, illustration by Thomas Groeger

Street Sweepers, fashion editorial photographed by Christian Boehm, B-boys: Step to Diz

Kon & Amir, Brooklyn diggers, photographed by Christian Boehm

Favela Funk, booty beats from brasil

Oxmo Pucchino, photo by Jonathan Mannion

Beastie Boys, illustrated by Flying Fortress

Seneraps, a feature on Senegal’s hiphop culture, photos by Tina Wunsch

Jay-Z double page spread, photo by Berry Behrendt

R.A. the Rugged Man

Graffiti feature, Cento, from Italy

Olu Dara, the godson’s father aka Nas’ daddy, photo by Ssirus W. Pakzad

Zombie Love - continuative comic story by graffiti writer WonABC

Warpaper, critical background story about "the source", illustrated by Flying Fortress

9th Wonder, producer special, equalize it!, typedesign by Thomas Groeger

"What?!" Lil Jon, layout detail

Bobbito Garcia aka Bobbito the Barber, nyc sneaker connoisseur, photo by Francois Bonura

MF Doom, illustrated by Mr. Jago

Next Generation Special - germanies upcomming rappers

BBE Records, Peter Adarkwah & Pete Rock, photos by Kilian-Davy Baujard

CD supplement page, illustrated by Finsta

Bone Crusher, typedesign by Berni Valenta

wookie juice

He’s gotta have it: DJ Back Q hunting Cazals, photo by George DuBose

Eric Sermon , the green eyed bandit, illustration by Thomas Groeger

Kanye West, college drop out

Bhangra Banger, desi beats article, illustrated by Thomas Groeger

Azad, Frankfurt’s Finest, photographed by Thomas Fucker

Bushido, artdirection, layout and typedesign by Thomas Groeger, photo by Kasskara

JUICE 2004

Well-known German hiphop magazine JUICE has been the biggest publication of its kind in Europe.
Layout and artdirection of over 125 issues including several redesigns, special issues and additional projects by IT’S GREAT for piranha media GmbH, 1997-2009.

Thomas Groeger

piranha media GmbH


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