business cards for Mediakraft Network

illustrations for the different chapters like Mediakrafts artist agency, music production and network

corporate website for Mediakraft Networks

advertisement for Mediakraft Networks in a B2B magazine

illustrations for the various chapters of Mediakraft

Mediakraft live on stage - Bullshit TV at the Videoday 2014 (online TV awards)

design for history channel "Blast from the Past"

"what’s that tune" music network logo

landing page to promote the Magnolia app beta-test

some examples of youtube-channels within the Mediakraft network

sticker set for Woozy BMX merchandise

merchandise items for Woozy BMX - channel

T-shirt design for Woozy BMX

logo design for "Red Carpet Cartel" artist agency

logo sign board

Mediakraft Networks

Mediakraft is a union of the best video makers in the internet. They support each other within the Mediakraft network for better oportunities in realisation and sponsoring.
The Mediakraft network reaches 450 mio views per month with its about 2.600 artists.

It’s Great realised the corporate design, website, and everything else, what was needed.

Thomas Groeger, Berni Valenta

Mediakraft GmbH


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