take out from the promotional film the benefit campaign "Operation Sneaker"

benefit campaign with NBA star Dirk Nowitzki, motion graphics for the TV-commercial

promotional give-away item: operation sneaker fingerboard by TechDeck

promo tricots for "Operation Sneaker" by K1X

webdesign for operation sneaker, realized with aevum GmbH

Operation Sneaker

Operation Sneaker changes battle fields into sports fields, where violence, racism, social unrighteousness and ethnic conflicts are no objects. They bring together Palestinian and Israeli in sports camps, resocialize child soldiers in Sierra Leone, organisize soccer cups in south africa between street kids and police men. So they take the power back from dictators, military, criminals and drug lords to give this kids a better future. NBA-Star Dirk Nowitzki supports this campaign and invites to donate one Euro on each sneaker you got at home. The projects are realized through Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

Artdirection, logodesign, illustrations, motion graphics, merchandise items and web design by It’ Great!

Thomas Groeger

Athletia GmbH

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