rugged #5 TV special, cover artwork by koadzn

TV test pattern

TV special, devices, time line

Lucha Vision in Mexiscope, feature on Luch Libre fights

Zapping, remote controls load, lock and ready, illustration by Sellout

diarrhea through europea, skate tour report

the strongest of the strange, Pontus Alv

Matthew Herbert, I’m a radio boy at heart

TV toon trailblazers

the revival of the retired serial heroes

reality TV, bread and games in TV prison, illustration by Enrique Radigales

Koadzn, the TV invaderz, french illustrator

illustration by WON

Jeremy Fish, layout detail

who controls whom, media manipulation

stars & sprites: cartoon, native, movie & comic, the world of famous pixelblocks

contents page, detail

Rugged Magazine No.5

Carhartt Streetwear’s customer magazine Rugged, according to Popinski, the editor in chief, is “the pamphlet for all unreasonable gentlemen, insolvent ladies, professional slackers, young artists, next-door-gals and bearded fashion cats“. Issue #5 was launched as the TV issue featuring Jeremy Fish, TV toon trailblazers, Matthew Herbert, Pontus Alv, Lucha Vision in Mexiscope and many more…

Thomas Groeger

Carhartt /WorkInProgress


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