cover artwork, rugged #7, painting by Ben Frost

charmed life, illustration detail

pro gaming, photos by Tino Urbiks

tattoo artist Olaf Lobe, buzzing machines and a killer rabbi

Lost & Found, double page spread, latest news from our gadget archives

the kidney bowl don, Donald, photos by fotoSchiko

Tilt’s fetish bubble girls

considerated builders scheme

power solo, photos by youdid/triggerfish

on the road, bike in japan, the bmx team goes east, photos by Ed Docherty

ben frost is dead, cover story

city report, Copenhagen

books, gentleman of leisure

the fine line between genius and madness, life and death of Andy Kaufman

a guide to gentlemen’s self defence, bartitsu, jiujitsu, fisticuffs, la savate

Le petit brabançon, animals and human united, illustrated by WonABC

toxic, laout detail

Rugged Magazine No.7

Carhartt Streetwear’s customer magazine Rugged, according to Popinski, the editor in chief, is “the pamphlet for all unreasonable gentlemen, insolvent ladies, professional slackers, young artists, next-door-gals and bearded fashion cats“. Issue #7 features Ben Frost, Tilt, Japan, Olaf Lobe, Dead But Alive: Andy Kaufman many more…

Thomas Groeger

Carhartt /WorkInProgress


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