cover artwork for Rugged #8, based on a tattoo design by Oliver Roots

lost and found, layout detail

Juan Jose Surace

trippin’ in habana

trippin’in habana, graffiti arrives in cuba

an art trip to cuba

first aid for the ocean, the surfrider foundation

twilight creations, the making of human remains

the future is made of cirtual reality, essay, pics by Nicolas Bourbaki

Saul Williams, the dead emcee scrolls, bridging the head

loosing is beautiful, beautiful loosers

london based designer, James Joyce, not the Ulysses guy

Eagles of Death Metal, photography by Chad Wadsworth, Ariel Kwiatkowski

for a fistful of vodka, skating east

I’m a mess, Oliver Ruts, tattoo artist feature

homeboy got 50 pairs

custom culture, hotrop 2006, layout detail

the 9th art, jacques tardi, master of black and white

fashion editorial, rugged selection

Rugged Magazine No.8

Carhartt Streetwear’s customer magazine Rugged, according to Popinski, the editor in chief, is “the pamphlet for all unreasonable gentlemen, insolvent ladies, professional slackers, young artists, next-door-gals and bearded fashion cats“. Issue #8 features Juan Jose Surace, an art trip to Cuba, the surfrider foundation, Saul Williams, Oliver Ruts, Jacques Tardi, Eagles of Death Metal and many more…

Thomas Groeger

Carhartt /WorkInProgress


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