Paris the Black Fu - Rugged#13 cover photographed by fotoschiko

attention no breaks!!! - fixed gear bikes, bare bones, no jokes - photos by Maria Therese Laub

animals and humans united - the vampire bat - illustrated by Won ABC

Monster Magnet - 4-way diablo is more shooting from the hip, illustrated by Jairus Tonel

planet prozess – between space and art

Dr. Booty Grabber a.k.a. Paris The Black Fu - doing it crack-butt funk style - photographed by fotoschiko

Scarful - getting rid of rage through ink

Scarful - getting rid of rage through ink

I'm sorry Warsaw, but a big geezer isn't political correct - big geezer tour

big boys' playground – rebel jam - a girl's perspective

Olaf Ladousse's Doo Rags

DJ Shir Kahn – mixmaster from the bloghouse

Dr. Booty Grabber aka. Paris the Black Fu

Rugged Magazine No.13

Customer magazine for Carhartt Streetwear. Issue #13 – The Devils Dozen – featuring Paris the Black Fu, DJ Shir Kahn, Monstermagnet, Plantet Prozess, Fixed Gear Bikes and many more…

Thomas Groeger

Carhartt /WorkInProgress


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