R.A. the Rugged Man, best man for a rugged cover anyway,

urban exploration, to boldly go where no one wants to go anymore

city report, Budapest

Al-Haca, bass export tour usa, board game illustration

the post porn art of showing cervix, who’s the bitch?, photos by Anoush Abrar

the shadowy svengali, Jamie Hewlett, double page spread

yes we are filming, photopholio by Alexander Basile

fashion editorial, encyclopedia beastiae, illustrated by WonABC

white trash beautiful, R.A. the Rugged Man, illustrations by Niark1

copy & paste, a comparison of source and imitations

Mitchell Brothers, jukebox heroes, illustration

out of stock, most wanted exhibition T-shirts

london geek boy, Jake, layout detail

surreal madrid, the street sketchbook of San

rebel ink crew

sound weirdos, the bastard children of music, illustrations by Jens Buss

gadgets, lost & found detail

Rugged Magazine No.6

Carhartt Streetwear’s customer magazine Rugged, according to Popinski, the editor in chief, is “the pamphlet for all unreasonable gentlemen, insolvent ladies, professional slackers, young artists, next-door-gals and bearded fashion cats“. Issue #6 features R.A. the rugged man, urban exploration, city report on Budapest, the Mitchell Brothers, Rebell Ink Crew and many more…

Thomas Groeger

Carhartt /WorkInProgress


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